A (more specific) prayer for rain.

I’m very happy to see all the rain that has been sent our way. It’s an answer to countless prayers over the last few years of severe drought in Central Texas. I’m sure the Austin City Limits music festival-goers are bummed about yesterday’s cancellation, but they did have an extra weekend of music to enjoy this year.

My trees and lawn are drinking in this much needed water. It’s truly a gift.


However, the rain this week and in the year past seems to fall where it flows into the creeks and river below the lakes. Onion Creek is raging right now, having received 6-10 inches in the last few days. Barton Creek and Williamson Creek were flooding for the same reason, but all of them dump into the Lower Colorado river below the Highland Lakes. E.g,:


I see that there is more rain in the forecast for this week. So, more thanks in advance for that. But I’m sending a humble prayer for that rain to drop in the Lake Travis watershed. Right over Marble Falls and Burnet would be simply awesome. Or even a bit southwest of that, in Fredericksburg, Johnson City or thereabouts would be fantastic, as all that rain would end up in the Pedernales River, which feeds into Lake Travis.

After all the rain in the past week, Lake Travis is up only 2′. And I do sincerely appreciate every drop that ends up in the lake. But we need to come up more like 50-60′. So, I’m praying for it to dump buckets of rain in the shaded are below. That would be divine. Seriously divine.


I have another prayer for better management of our lakes and water reserves than what the LCRA has provided over the last decade or so, but I’ll leave that for another day. Just please keep the rain coming.



Sunday sunrise.

Hello September, and… good morning!  One of the nice things about anchoring in Arky cove is that you are treated to beautiful sunset and sunrise views – this was the view off the port-side of Nirvana, as I was drinking my morning coffee.

Back at the marina, we popped into Shades for lunch for the last time this season, after this weekend they close up shop until next spring.   This is the sobering view of the marina from the restaurant.   The lake is at 620′ and some change.   Just 6 feet from the all-time low for Lake Travis of 614.18′ in August of 1951.   Less than 3 years ago, the lake was brimming at 680+ with the lakewater lapping the parking lot.  With the LCRA’s mismanagement of this incredible natural resource, and with no rain in the future, we’re sure to go much lower than that this year.   All docks are now moved out, off-shore, accessible via shuttles that leave from the courtesy dock.   No electricity or water on the docks for the forseeable future.    This is sad, not only because we love playing on the lake, but scary because this is Austin’s drinking water supply, quickly disappearing downstream.

Pray for rain.


50 year low.

We spent a second night on the lake last night. Nick and family had peeled off, so we had the anchor to ourselves. Today I paddled around the cove again. I went all the way up to where Arky cove ends. This is as far as I can go. As much as we still enjoy the lake immensely, in spite of the low lake levels, it’s hard to imagine that just a few years ago we would be able to sail up in here and beyond, to anchor, with about 40 or 50 more feet of water above where my head is. The lake is at its lowest in 50 years, right now: 625.5 feet above sea level, as we speak. Very sad. The lake is dropping as rapidly or more rapidly than it ever has during the summer… a foot or more this week, already. I don’t know what to say at this point other than this really sucks.

Pray for rain.


629′ and dropping.

Hurst Cove.

We’re back home.  We had a nice time in the Pacific NW, but it’s nice to be home again.  We flew in over Lake Travis and got these pics.  The lake is at 629.07′ today, according to LCRA.  We are lower now than we were in 2009, and only about 15′ more to go to hit the all time low.  The shot above is of Hurst Cove and our marina.  You can see the docks all stacked up.  The marina sent a notice saying they’ll be moving some of the docks out to the middle of the cove.  Not much water left in there.

This is a shot of Arkansas Bend.  Arky North and South are slowly disappearing.

Arkansas Bend.

Below is a shot of Cow Creek. It’s hard to believe we were up in there for the March birthday raftup.

Cow Creek.

Pray for rain.


Every little bit helps.

I decided to take the afternoon off today.  So Monte and I went out to lunch, something we haven’t done in a while.  As we were getting back in the car, it started to sprinkle.  We stood there in awe…  It has been so long since any rain has fallen, and even longer since any rain that has fallen has stuck around long enough to make a difference.

By the time we got to our house it was raining lightly, but only for about 15 minutes or so.  Let’s hope there’s more in store in the next few days.

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