Sunday sunrise.

Hello September, and… good morning!  One of the nice things about anchoring in Arky cove is that you are treated to beautiful sunset and sunrise views – this was the view off the port-side of Nirvana, as I was drinking my morning coffee.

Back at the marina, we popped into Shades for lunch for the last time this season, after this weekend they close up shop until next spring.   This is the sobering view of the marina from the restaurant.   The lake is at 620′ and some change.   Just 6 feet from the all-time low for Lake Travis of 614.18′ in August of 1951.   Less than 3 years ago, the lake was brimming at 680+ with the lakewater lapping the parking lot.  With the LCRA’s mismanagement of this incredible natural resource, and with no rain in the future, we’re sure to go much lower than that this year.   All docks are now moved out, off-shore, accessible via shuttles that leave from the courtesy dock.   No electricity or water on the docks for the forseeable future.    This is sad, not only because we love playing on the lake, but scary because this is Austin’s drinking water supply, quickly disappearing downstream.

Pray for rain.


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