We have been working in the yard quite a bit lately.  Two weekends ago we set out to save a stand of 5 or six struggling young liveoaks in our back wooded area that had been dealt two bad cards:  they were being overshadowed by invasive hackberry trees, and completely defoliated by catepillars this spring.   They looked like goners.

So we cut the hackberries down, fertilized the oaks, and sprayed to get rid of the remaining catepillars.  For the last two weeks i’ve been checking on them every day, watching tiny lime green buds pop out up and down each branch, and then watching the buds turn into tiny leaves.   And with all the recent rains they are starting to look like trees again.  I think they’ll make it!


60 years on.

I finally got a chance to go outside today! I went for a walk this afternoon after my last meeting. There is a new park with a huge network of trails through towering trees about a mile walk from my mom’s house. It was gorgeous. This cut log was laying next to the trail. I stopped counting at 60 rings. Thank you log, I now have Elton John’s 60 Years On ringing in my head. Now you do too.

A shot of the beautiful canopy … I like the glowing green of the leaves in this shot.

I drove jake here tonight and we cooked dinner and ate with mom. Then he played guitar for us for a while. He’s very good. He reminded me that I had taught him the basics many years ago. Very sweet.


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