Day and night.

Pink Pentas.

This morning started early, as usual.  I’m leaving for NY again this morning and I still had to pack.  I took a walk out back after a few calls.  This is a shot of one of the recently planted pentas, well in bloom;  with droplets from this morning’s watering still there.

I made it to La Guardia without incident.  This is a shot going over the Whitestone Bridge – perennially under construction.   The sunset was pretty.  I was hoping to get a shot of Manhattan from the port side of the plane, but for some reason, the plane approached from the east on landing, instead of the west, so I missed getting a shot.

Westchester bound.


Jul 28, 2010

Little guy

Long day.   I walked around out back, after the rain had stopped coming down.   We’re having a very different kind of summer than last year.   It’s the end of July,  it hasn’t hit 100 yet, and the rain has been frequent enough to not have to water the lawn much.   Nice.

I took this shot of some of the Penta blooms in the garden.  I didn’t notice the little spider until I uploaded them to view.

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