Day and night.

Pink Pentas.

This morning started early, as usual.  I’m leaving for NY again this morning and I still had to pack.  I took a walk out back after a few calls.  This is a shot of one of the recently planted pentas, well in bloom;  with droplets from this morning’s watering still there.

I made it to La Guardia without incident.  This is a shot going over the Whitestone Bridge – perennially under construction.   The sunset was pretty.  I was hoping to get a shot of Manhattan from the port side of the plane, but for some reason, the plane approached from the east on landing, instead of the west, so I missed getting a shot.

Westchester bound.


One thought on “Day and night.”

  1. hey you busy girl! so glad you are taking time to stop and smell the pentas!!! safe travels!


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