A fanfare ending to a family reunion extravaganza.

For the last week and a half, Monte and I hosted his family’s bi-annual reunion.   We started out with a big 3-day weekend, enjoying reconnecting and having fun at the house and in the backyard with 21 of our relatives that came from pretty much every corner of the country.  Then, for the next week, ten of the family that could stay longer came to stay with us at the house.   We packed it with as much food and fun as we could.   It was really a special, wonderful time.   Sailing, floating, grilling, cornhole, homemade pasta, bimini ring game, barbeque, card games, homemade pizza, geocaching, karaoke, low-country boil, gardening, sno-cones, sightseeing, even taking part in our neighborhood’s 4th of July parade.  Over the last few days, our party dwindled until it was just four of us yesterday.   We set out for the lake and sailed to Starnes Island to anchor up and watch the fireworks show.  It didn’t disappoint.  We squeezed every bit of fun out of the time spent with everyone.

Today we said goodbye to the last two revellers.   It’s just our flock now.  The house is quiet.

I leave you with two shots from the fireworks last night — here’s to family!



My neighborhood rocks.

Happy July 4th! Monte and I are packing for two days and nights on the lake. It’s going to be great! As we were getting ready I heard the Stars and Stripes blaring down the street. We went outside and caught our neighborhood’s annual parade. I love it. Small town awesomeness in the middle of Austin! They do this every year, but this is the first year we have been home on the 4th to see it (!).


20130706-011347.jpgwhy yes, that IS a mop&linen Statue of Liberty going down the street. Don’t you have one of those?


Jul 4, 2010

Flyin' the colors

Happy 4th of July!!  Wow.  What can I say?   We had a blast yesterday.   An excellent morning, too.   We were joined later in the day by Joe on Prelude, Kurt, Wally & Greg on Dancer and Marty & Sue on Caribbean Hug.    I guess I saw this coming, but we ended up having so much fun that we stayed another night — yet another accidental raft-up.

I love it that we have found such a fun bunch of big kids to spend our time on the lake with.    If laughter is the best medicine, I’m set.

As the song says:

….the road goes on forever and the party never ends!

This is a shot of the official portion of our burgee collection — flown proudly on Cupholder this July 4th.   The burgee on the bottom is a “B” signal flag, for B-Dock, of course.

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