Beauty up above. 

I took a walk through our greenbelt and neighborhood after the immense amount of rain stopped falling.  I looked up and was treated to this before sunset:


Mammatus clouds after the storm. 

Chasing sunsets.

We popped into our local public house for dinner and some cards tonight.   On the way home we were treated to an awesome sunset… complete with rainbow and mammatus clouds (Monte looked it up).   We had to dash around a bit and didn’t get a good shot, but hopefully this gives you an inkling of how beautiful it was.


Cascades in clouds.

Thanks to Noreen for schlepping me to the airport in the wee hours of the morning. I’m not home yet, posting from ORD.
I got a window seat on the right side of the plane, on purpose, expressly for this (my favorite) view. Looking south, Mount Rainier is in the foreground. Mount Adams is to the left farther south. In between, even farther south and very hard to see, is Mount Hood. Mount St. Helens would be visible to the right of Rainier, except for the cloud deck sitting above it.

Colleen is up on Rainier this weekend. Don’t see her though. 🙂

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