I’ve missed my birdie.

First day back.   Buried in email.  My feet are sore from the decks.  I have a plethora of bruises and scrapes.   We have a pile of laundry to do.  The fridge is empty.  I still feel the sway of the waves.  But I’m still smiling at all the laughs we had.

I miss my birdie, though, we’re going to pick him up tonight.

Pretty bird.


3 thoughts on “I’ve missed my birdie.”

      1. Yes, we had absolutely gorgeous weather. 80, no humidity and lots of breeze all week. We relaxed and ate the best food as there were lots of new restaurants. Met some great people to have fun with. Always love to get away – hate coming back to mail, laundry, etc….oh well. We need to get together and share pics – Id love to have some of yours to frame. You have some gorgeous sunsets!

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