Fair breezes.

We enjoyed a fun raft-up last night.   It’s been a long time since we’ve had 5 boats rafted up overnight.   Last night it was Monte and I on Nirvana.  Nick, Isabel, Lorene and Dimitri on Kalliopi.   Wally, Kurt and Kevin on Zen.   Kirk and Lilly on La Cima del Cielo.   And Brent and Lawrence on a Catalina 27 that came in under the veil of darkness before the near-full moon rose, so I didn’t catch their boat’s name.   We played ipod wars into the wee hours.    This morning we lounged around on deck and floated behind the boats till after noon.   Then Nirvana and Kalliopi sailed down to Carlos & Charlie’s, and then turned around to make way back up to our slips.    Isabel sent us this shot that they took on our way back to the marina.


Back at the marina we checked out the boat to make sure everything was ship-shape, since our docks are now offshore by nearly a mile.   We will allegedly have power hooked up in a few weeks.  We shall see.   The lake is at about 621′.   Terribly low.   It’s no longer a lake.  It’s just a windy river with lots of new hazards around every corner.  I’m starting to think it will never rise again.

Joe came out visit with us on Nirvana for the afternoon.   It was really nice to get a visit in with him.

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