Apr 10, 2011


I am woefully out of shape and would like to figure out how I can permanently make time in my schedule for exercise.

I saw this post last week about the Worldwide WordPress 5K – a virtual 5K being “hosted” by Automattic — encouraging bloggers to do a 5K (run, walk, jog, whatever) between April 4 and April 10.   I got mine in this afternoon on the treadmill…  after running errands, grocery shopping, paying bills and doing some yardwork.  YAY!!

I’ve been a blogger on WordPress now for about 13 months.  I recently completed my 365 photo challenge and am still finding real pleasure in toting my camera around looking for a photo of a moment to share on my blog each day.    Thanks to WordPress and their wwwp5K  for getting me moving.   Maybe my blog will expand into an exercise blog now??   🙂

One thought on “Apr 10, 2011”

  1. Chores, errands AND exercise; you got more done in one day than I do in one WEEK!! You GO girl!

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