Love-ly day.

Tulips!   I had a very nice Valentine’s Day.  We went to the lake for the afternoon, and enjoyed a great sail up the lake a ways.  Kevin, Kurt, Marty & Sue joined us on our boat, and Lori & Joe sailed along on Camelot.

And to cap off the day we had a delicious dinner at Andiamo.  They were serving a special 4 course dinner with wine flight, and it was wonderful.

Now, I’m trying to get psyched up for Monday…

Happy Valentines Day, me hearties!

Lovely flowers from my sweetie. Thx to Jamie for the cute button! And, monte, if you’re reading this, your present is under the pile of laundry on the chair. 🙂


Be my valentine.

Time-worn heart.
Time-worn heart.

Another thing to celebrate this week… Happy Valentine’s Day!

I found this on the beach many years ago.  It is a rock that must have formed out of sediment inside a shell…you can still see some of the lines from the shell on the surface.  Over time, it’s been worn into the shape of a heart.   And after all those many years, it ended up in the surf in front of me, catching my eye.  I picked it up.  And now it’s mine.  🙂



Feb 14, 2011

Le pain de l'amour.

Happy Valentine’s Day!! ♥

My valentine gave me beautiful roses, and chocolate covered strawberries which we shared this afternoon.  I took a few pics of them.  But when I saw the shape of the baguette slices that we ate with lunch, I couldn’t resist posting this shot of one of them.

A perfect moment for a day celebrating love and those you love.   🙂