We are the people your parents warned you about.

AK Bend at 646'.

Woooo-weee what a party!  Well, we will NOT be doing that every weekend!

After the beer can race yesterday everyone jumped in the water and stayed there for quite a while – me, monte, joe, kurt, wally, lori, dave, marty, sue, wiz, david (new guy on b-dock w/ Misguided), robert, and his friends who own Hakuna Matata on a-dock).  After last weekend’s very wake-y raftup spot in Cypress Creek, this weekend we’ve planned to have a party on B-dock and just sleep on our boats.

Doray, Tom and Judy joined us after the race and stayed til after sunset.   Teri and Jim showed up around 11pm.   We brought a blender, and lots of ice and margarita and pina colada fixins.   Staying in the slip has its advantages.   What a fun time.  Dave left about 9 or so, when his teenage son called my cellphone looking for his parents… heh, heh (isn’t that supposed to be the other way around?! 🙂 )

We pulled out the coleman stove and made a bazillion quesadillas.  Sue brought her legendary bean dip.  We played iPod wars into the wee hours.  There is a digital recording floating around somewhere of what may perhaps be the worst rendition of the happy birthday song ever.  (Happy birthday Mark!)   The security guard even stopped by about 2AM, wasn’t that nice of him?   I think it was about 4AM when everyone headed back to their boats for the night.

I’m so glad we started working on that first wooden boat 13 years ago or so.  We could never have known at the time that it would lead to us learning to sail, making a bigger sailboat, getting a slip at Yacht Harbor marina, landing on B-Dock, and meeting such fantastic people that are so easy to have fun with.

We packed up early this morning and got home about 10AM.   On the way home we took a short detour up to Vintage Villas to see if I could get a shot of the lake from up there.   This is a shot looking down on Arkansas Bend.  In the distance you can see Hurst Cove, where our marina is.

Check out the clouds.

Beer Can Regatta

To the victor goes the spoils.

Today we held the first Beer Can Regatta of the year, and had a great turnout – Spike, Voodoo, Dancer, Prelude, Camelot and Caribbean Hug. Monte and I each jumped on one of the Catalina 30’s. Robert finished first and took home a bottle of Buckeye Vodka. So smoooooth!  After the race a party ensued.  More on that later.

Frugality is the mother of invention.


We had a fantastic shower put in when we remodeled the house 2 years ago.   We love it.  It has natural tumbled travertine stone on the outside.  But on the inside, I picked a matching ceramic tile.  I did this as a last minute change, on the advice of a friend, because she’s had both and said the ceramic tile would be so much easier to maintain  than the travertine on the inside where the surfaces would be wet.

I am SOOO glad I did that.  But I have to say, it’s no small task to keep the grout clean.  I’ve fallen in love with bleach gel pens… the gel sticks to the surfaces and every now and then I just put that in the grout for a little while and scrub and rinse it away.

However, one bleach pen doesn’t go very far in this shower, holding only a couple of ounces of bleach gel.  So…. I decided to try make my own.    Here’s what I ended up with.  I tried this in a small batch, and it seemed to work ok.  I’ve heard you want to use this infrequently, though, it can be tough on the grout.

Homemade Bleach Paste

– 1 part bleach
– 5 parts baking soda
– 2 parts water

Happy birthday!

Mid-week merriment.

Tonight was a good night. We celebrated Laura’s birthday by going out for a girlfriends dinner @ Uchiko.  The food was fantastic.  Edamame, sushi, sashimi,  boquerones, vino … everything was delicious.

I’ll leave you with this:  “A True Friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.

Peace out  🙂

Snocones, inspiration and a video


I had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon which took me downtown.  Since I was in the neighborhood, I just had to stop by the Sno-Beach snocone stand.  If you’ve never had one,  you must.  It will change your life.  If you don’t live in Austin, fly or drive down here as soon as you can and get one.  They make the absolutely, hands-down, indubitably BEST snocones on the planet.  If any of you are skeptical, I’d even put money on it.    And I NEVER make a bet unless I’m sure I’m right (even when i’m wrong)  😀

Even though there were about 30 people in front of me when I got there, and when I left I was in the middle of rush hour traffic on Mopac, it was worth it.

I’d like to work on ways to transform my blog into something more interesting for other people to follow.   Up til now I’ve mostly been doing this for my own enjoyment.  The Daily Post is hosting a Post-a-Day-2011 and Post-a-Week-2011 challenge, an online community really, for bloggers to share their posts and inspire eachother.  It started at the beginning of the year, but I’m joining mid-way (or in work-speak, at the end of 2Q 🙂 ).  I recently completed my own 365-project (a year of posting one photo taken of a moment from each day) but I have been and will continue to post here.  So, in search of inspiration, today I signed up for the once a week version, check it out:

Oh, wait, one more thing!  Here is a link to a video that my friend Teri took of us on Cupholder last weekend as we were all headed up to Cypress Creek Cove for the raftup.   (we’re the little boat in the distance that Teri and Jim are catching up with quickly).  It was WINDY… and we had 2 reefs in, so only a tiny bit of sail up, but we were MOVIN’!  It’s good to be back…

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