Frugality is the mother of invention.


We had a fantastic shower put in when we remodeled the house 2 years ago.   We love it.  It has natural tumbled travertine stone on the outside.  But on the inside, I picked a matching ceramic tile.  I did this as a last minute change, on the advice of a friend, because she’s had both and said the ceramic tile would be so much easier to maintain  than the travertine on the inside where the surfaces would be wet.

I am SOOO glad I did that.  But I have to say, it’s no small task to keep the grout clean.  I’ve fallen in love with bleach gel pens… the gel sticks to the surfaces and every now and then I just put that in the grout for a little while and scrub and rinse it away.

However, one bleach pen doesn’t go very far in this shower, holding only a couple of ounces of bleach gel.  So…. I decided to try make my own.    Here’s what I ended up with.  I tried this in a small batch, and it seemed to work ok.  I’ve heard you want to use this infrequently, though, it can be tough on the grout.

Homemade Bleach Paste

– 1 part bleach
– 5 parts baking soda
– 2 parts water


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