A Monday to remember.

We anchored out again last night in about the same place as the night before. A really pleasant night. This morning we headed back about 10am. And wouldn’t you know it…we hooked (we think) the same tree stump. This time we just snagged it. It didn’t catch us up, but it was a very heavy drag on the line. This time we tried to drag it close to shore before it fell off the anchor.
Back at home we put out the flag on the porch, grilled up some delicious cheeseburgers and are getting ready to snug in to watch a movie.

It’s not about the barbeque, though. So let me pause and say Thank You to those who bravely gave their lives in service to defend both the simple and the profound freedoms we enjoy every day.


A day to remember.

Old glory

On this Memorial Day, we spent several hours with friends at the marina.  We are actually just starting to look at boats for sale.  We looked at 2 sloops on E-dock today.  Time will tell how long it will take us to find a successor to our beloved Cupholder 🙂

Speaking of Cupholder, we sailed the slip with Marty, Sue, Joe and Wally, and then headed home.

Rigging at rest.

We had just enough energy left in us to buzz downtown for dinner at Taverna, and stopped by to see Willie along the way.

Hangin’ with Willie.