The next patient in the loft.

Julie and Ryan recently acquired a new-to-them sailboat. It’s an older Catalina 25. It needs some work, so we are helping them get things fixed up. Clever Monte got the outboard motor working. Now he is helping Ryan repair the electrics on-board. Julie brought over the sails, which need some mending. Their mainsail will be my next sail project. It’s in pretty good shape, except where sun damage caused some tears and deterioration where the previous owner left parts of the sail exposed.

One of those days.

Nirvana mainsail.

Let’s see… up at the crack of dawn to prepare for the day’s meetings.  Back-to-back meetings from about 6AM to 10PM.  Dropped the gallon of milk on the floor, which exploded all over the kitchen, while on a conference call.  Heated meeting discussions. New technical problems with several projects underway.  HR issues.

I need to find my happy place.

On a positive note 🙂  the mainsail is ready to be picked up.  So, Monte headed there this afternoon to pick it up and rig it back on the boat.  I would love to go help, but it’s not going to happen today, so I think Kurt is meeting him there to lend a hand.  The picture above is one of the mainsail on Nirvana the first time we took her out, on the seatrial.  The repairs were to replace the luff tape (the black tape that runs up the mast side of the sail).  It should raise and lower much more easily now, as the last one was frayed and broken in places.

Here’s to a better day, tomorrow.

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