Blustery day.

As Lake Travis’ level continues to drop, the water in the cove where Cupholder spent the last year is getting too low and the dock it is tied to will soon be aground. So yesterday, Monte and I took a drive upriver and sailed Cupholder back down to our marina, soon to be hauled out and parked at home.

It was a very windy day. A front had just passed through, so the winds were out of the north, which is what we hoped for to make for an easier sail 25 miles down river. Northerly is good, however, it was blowing 15-30 knots, with some gusts in the 40-knot range. So, it was a nice, but exciting, sail. The scenery that far up the river is always pretty, and the autumn color is finally showing up.

After a 6-hour sail, we arrived safely at the marina right before sunset. Kurt met us and helped us tie up in the strong winds. Another mission accomplished on the lake.

Oct 16, 2010

Splash of color

We spent a wonderful day on the lake today.   For the beercan regatta I crewed for Lori on Camelot.   It was her first race and my first time working the rigging by myself.  I had a blast.

At sunset the wind pretty much died altogether, and all 4 boats inched their way to the finish line.   That freed me up to get the camera and take a few shots.  This tree stood out against the brown/green/gray background, especially in the light of the setting sun.