Monte and I rang in our anniversary with a trip through the Texas Hill Country.   We had our own mini-Oktoberfest exploring Altstadt Brewery and spent the weekend in Fredericksburg.

We enjoyed the wine and brews of the region and some local good-eats.  We also did our share of antiquing and mantiquing and each brought home a little sumpin-sumpin.

The Longhorns have an off-week, but we caught them chilling in the shade near the Pedernales River:


We did a number of laps down Main Street in Fredericksburg.  Next week is Oktoberfest in F-burg, so GET DOWN THERE! IMG_9329

You gotta love the Texas wine trail… grape vines and live oaks.IMG_9333

And zinnias as far as you can see…IMG_9336

Happy Anny to us!

I’m baaaack.

Wow, I’ve left Sheila365 untended for 3 weeks!  That’s the longest stretch without posting since I started this blog over 3 years ago.  But it’s not because I don’t have new photos.  Oh my, do I have photos!  We spent 2 jam-packed weeks in Seattle visiting family.  I worked the first week, but I was on vacation for the second week.  We celebrated birthdays, had great visits with my mom, all my siblings and their kids, and Monte’s nephew and his awesome family.  Watched kids soccer games, watched football games (go seahawks!), went golfing, went to the Port Townsend wooden boat show, spent a glorious day on the Seattle waterfront.  We’ve been back home for a week, but it was way too busy with work to attack the photos.  I just need to sit down and sort through them, to a pick a few to share.  But that’s not going to happen today, so let me just post this one, to get back into the blogging groove.  Happy Anniversary to us!  We’ve completed another ride together around the sun, with lots of great memories — looking forward to what we encounter on the next lap.

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