Empty nest.  

Not ones to miss a taproom visit opportunity, we left an hour early to take Fran and family to the airport, stopping in at the Live Oak Brewing Company right across the highway from the Austin airport.  It sure beats the cellphone lot!

Back home, the house is sadly quiet.  Except for Keeto asking “who’s here?”  We await our next visitors!

Colleen sent me these cute wine glass charm birdies.  We tried them out last night.   Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Empty nest.  ”

  1. Curious. Are the wine glass markers affixed by suction or magnets? Also, are they considered throw away or reusable. I look forward to each and every post from you. Gene

    1. Hi gene! They are soft silicone, and have a little slit in them. Friction fit over the edge of a wine glass. Reusable….until I lose them. 🙂

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