Unos momentos desde mi Cinco de Mayo.

Hola!  Happy Cinco de Mayo.  Before I forget, I want to post this shot that I took yesterday.   I took it with my waterproof camera from the kayak, so I wasn’t able to upload it until today.   This is Nirvana and Sapphire at anchor.    Pretty boats.

Rafted up in Arky South.
Rafted up in Arky South.

Today I paddled completely around Arky South cove.  I enjoy paddling.  But I like, even more, cruising along the shore for found objects.   Today’s haul: 4 plastic bobbers, 1 popper jig, 1 croppie tube jig, and 2 nice docklines with spliced loops.

Then we pulled up the anchor and sailed for several hours.  We sailed along with Kalliopi (with Nick and his kids on-board) for a while.  Then we turned around and caught a glimpse of Lori, Joe, Wally and Kelly on Camelot, with her newly raised 150 whomper jib.  I think Lori’s getting serious now, ever since Nirvana beat Camelot in a beer can a couple weeks ago. 🙂

On the way home, we saw this guy riding along 620.   Amazing.   It appears to be direct drive, no evidence of a chain.   And, I have no idea how he stops / dismounts this thing – that front tire is about 5′ in diameter.

Lance, is that you?f
Lance, is that you?

And, now back home, we are celebrating Cinco de Mayo with Julie.  Salud!

Made by the master.
Made by the master.

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