Lake day.

Colors flyin.
Colors flyin.

We took friends out for a sail today.  Chris was visiting Irene for the weekend, and after a lovely breakfast in Central Austin we headed to the marina.  Irene took the helm for most of the sail and did great.  The winds were light so we were able to set up the cockpit table with nibblies for the voyage while we were underway.

Lori and Dave came out, too, on Camelot.  And we crossed paths with Wally and Kurt on Zen on our way back.

The day was overcast, and a front was on its way, but it was a really nice day on the lake.

Back at the marina we saw a bunch of our slip neighbors.  Wally, Kurt, Lori and Dave joined us for a cocktail.  Then we packed it up before the front dropped in.

Our resident ducks stopped by to say hello.  They’re all grown up now.

The boys are back.
The boys are back.

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