Not up the river.

November Raft-up.

Usually every November a large contingent of sailors head up-river for a multi-day raft-up…aka an Up-the-river cruise.  This weekend the winds were so light, noone was interested in motoring for 6 hours to get up river.  So, plans changed.  Instead, we rafted up in a cove about 5 miles from our marina.  It was a really lovely night, though.  Temps got down into the 40’s but we were toasty down below.   We baked pizza in the oven on Nirvana, and it turned out quite tasty.

We had 6 boats stay overnight.  This shot was taken this morning by Robert from the dinghy, after Eric and Micheline left on Karma.  We’re on the left on Nirvana, then Rory & Greg on Sapphire, Robert on Voodoo, Tony & Sharon (and Aussie) on Wind Thief, and Gray & Debbie on Sacre Bleu.  This morning the winds finally picked up.   We had a really nice sail back to our cove.

It’s Sunday, and I have 7 more days of vacation!!!

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