Catboat whirligig / windvane v 2.0.

Over 2 years ago I posted a picture of the catboat wind thingie that monte made me (here’s the original post).  It had sails made out of ripstop nylon which I had sewn and installed on each little boat.  It worked great, and I LOVED it.  As the wind blew, the boats started turning and the sails tacked and jibed as they went around.

Then last summer, I posted a picture of it after it had been attacked by squirrels (here’s that post).  One of them went nutso in the heat of the summer and ripped up the sails.  And just like that my catboat wind thingie was out of service.

Til today!   Monte made new sails out of copper sheets, and fastened them to the mast with copper bands and replaced the string mainsheets with little pieces of metal chain.

It’ll take a stiffer breeze to make it go round, but it’s back!   I love the new, improved version.

Take that, varmits!


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