The World Cup matches begin today. We cut the cord a couple of years ago, but will not be denied live coverage. Thank you, over-the-air Telemundo HD TV channel!

The USMT didn’t qualify, so I am all in for España. They play tomorrow.

Soccer chicks.

Ladies league.
Ladies league.

After work today, Noreen and I met up with Francine to watch one of her soccer games — they can play year round in a really nice indoor facility.  Fran’s been playing soccer since she was a wee lass.  30+ years later, she’s still playing, and turning her kids onto it as well.  Pass it on…

Viva la Roja!


We camped out at home today to recharge, and also to watch the Euro2012 championship.  Spain vs. Italy.  Marty came over to help us cheer on Spain.  España did not disappoint, winning 4 – 0 over a strong Italian team.

They have now won 3 World / European championships in a row.  It’s building up to be an exciting 2014 world cup in Brazil.