Mar 8, 2011

Happy 1st blogoversary!

Today is the 1 year anniversary of my starting this blog.   To mark the occasion, I made a collage using all 365 of the moments that I’ve posted here.

I can recall taking each one.   🙂

I started this in early March last year, in time to capture the signs of Spring, and into the Summer as things began to warm up and as we spend so much time on the lake… then through the changes in Fall and Winter when we spend more of our time on projects and playing with friends on land.  I’ve come full circle, and am looking forward all the moments from the coming year.

Happy Mardi Gras!   and  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lori and to Mary!

Mar 7, 2011

Day #365!!!

Today’s post makes the 365th moment that I have shared with you.  This is a shot of one of the geraniums I planted yesterday that I took today during a break between conference calls.

I’m very pleased that I have stuck with this post-a-photo-per-day-for-a-year project.  There were some days that I found it difficult to see something worth sharing.   But I have to say that most days I looked forward to toting my camera around with me, and was usually pleased to find a moment that was either a photo that I liked or at least made for a nice story to share.

Wow, a year.   365 moments.   It goes by fast.

I look forward to keeping my blog going.  I don’t know that I will be posting something every day, but I am definitely looking forward to posting more moments worth sharing.

A colleague of mine passed away over the weekend after a fight with cancer.  He was only 51.

I can only hope that you all have many more years left on this earth to share with your friends and family.   But since we never know when our time will be up, we have to take the time to enjoy and be thankful for each and every day that we get to spend with them.   I have done that for a year.   And I hope to from here on out…

Mar 3, 2011

Troglodyte tech.

Monte and I gravitate towards the dull edge of the technology adoption curve.  We have had the same, old school cell phones for about 8 years now.   They both looked identical and served us well.   Last week AT&T sent a letter to the remaining cavemen that were on the old plans with old phones to tell us that we had to get new phones and a new plan or our old ones would stop working in about a month.

So we have been grudgingly forced up to the next level of bare bones basic phone.  Nope, no data plans or internet access — still just a phone.   Here’s a shot of the new device.   It only took me a few minutes to figure out how to make a phone call 🙂

I did take the opportunity this time to get us each different colored phones.   So we got that going for us…

Jan 7, 2011


I mentioned yesterday that I’ve been feeling creatively challenged.   A fellow blogger recently made me aware of a site she sometimes turns to for ideas of subjects to photograph — it’s called The Daily Shoot.  I turned to it this morning and the assignment was to find strong converging lines in a photograph.

So, I took a number of shots and picked one I liked.  Technically, I don’t think this one qualifies as containing converging lines, but it does contain strong lines, so I’m going with it.  Here ’tis.



Oct 17, 2010

Angels among us

I’ve ended up with quite a few of these Willow Tree angels – many were gifts from friends and family.   These are the angels of:   hope, the heart, warmth and love (left to right).

Even if you don’t believe that there are angels among us, these little figurines are reminders in a crazy world of the goodness that surrounds us.

Aug 31, 2010

Micro macro

Today is Tuesday, but all day long I felt like something was ending…like it was a Friday.   Maybe it’s just that today is the last day of August, and after so many years attending one school or another, my biological calendar is still more attuned to the end of summer vacation and the beginning of a new school year.    Or maybe I’m just tired 😉

I went for a walk tonight and took some pictures of some tall storm clouds that were reflecting the sunset colors… but none of them came out very well.   I also got a close up of a butterfly, but on closer inspection it looked an awful lot like a butterfly that I took a picture of back in July, so I decided to skip that one, too.

So, I’m reverting to a photo I took this morning while the coffee was brewing.   I’ve been experimenting to see how well I can use the manual focus on close-up shots.   This is a toy Farmall tractor that Monte got when we were at the farm supply company last year to buy hardware for the sliding barn doors that we made for the shop.   It reminded him of the Farmall Cub that his dad had when he was a kid.   This one is 2 inches long and about an inch high.

I wouldn’t mind having a life size one if it had a lawn mower attachment.

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