The waiting is the hardest part.


If you know me at all, you know that I take my time making up my mind about some things, but once I do, I’m committed (and very impatient).  Well, I’ve recently decided that I needed a new device.  Something that I can use for my personal computer things… internet browsing, apps, iTunes, photo editing, blogging, music editing, geneology research, data storage, etc.   So I embarked on a long period of researching my options – no impulse buying here.  So, I checked out the iPad.  Not really what I was looking for, it’s really more of a glorified client device that needs to sync to a PC (or now the iCloud).  I guess I need a traditional laptop kind of computer.   So I had to decide between PC and Mac.   I opted for Mac.  Mac Book Pro to be specific.   In researching it, and the OS underneath i was pleasantly surprised to learn about Mac OS X Lion and its features.

I decided on the 15″ Mac Book Pro.  But I wanted to add some custom features (8GB Mem, faster Hard Drive, anti-glare monitor, etc) that you cannot get by walking into the Apple Store.  Which meant that I had to order it online.

Soooo, i did.  And i’ve been (not) patiently waiting for it to be delivered for over a week.   The target delivery date was today.  The nice people at Apple sent me the tracking info so that I could watch the progress of my new toy make its way from China to my front door via FedEx.  That means with the click of a mouse I can go out to FedEx and see the status of my package delivery… which I’ve done about 10 times a day since last week!  The package was picked up by Fed Ex and then sat at the FedEx place in Shanghai for about 3 1/2 days… excruciating!… and then when it finally got to the continent, it sat in Anchorage for over a day.  Ugh!   Well, as of this morning it is in Austin, on a truck, out for delivery (YAY!).

You guys all drive careful out there, around those FedEx delivery trucks today, allright?!

More later.  (oh and here’s a youtube link to a song that comes to mind as I pen this post.)

4 thoughts on “The waiting is the hardest part.”

  1. OMG, I sooooo know what you’re going through right now! Except that I’m waiting for the UPS guy to hurry up and knock on my door. TODAY! How funny is that?! And I’m waiting for the iPad 🙂 FedEx’s tracking is so much better than UPS! My package left NJ on Monday, and made it to Mesquite yesterday… and there’s NO update since 9:14pm yesterday. It better be on the truck for delivery!!
    I hate waiting, and chances are, the UPS truck won’t make it into our neighborhood until sometime between 6 and 7pm!! Hope at least your wait will be over long before then. Enjoy your new toy! 🙂

    1. ha ha, how funny! You enjoy your new toy, too! I hope it arrives for you today. I sure did like the iPad, but …. one toy at a time 🙂

      1. Oh, I will! We have a plain ol’ laptop that we take on vacations with us, but I have to share that… and the iPad will be MINE (mostly). I was never that impressed with the iPad, until my 8-year-old would not stop talking about it after using one at school. Went to play with it at the store and was hooked… spent my lens money on the iPad instead.
        I just noticed that your tracking thing has a time on it… UPS just says “by end of day”. Personally I think the packages should have a tracking chip so you can see on a map exactly where that truck is. 😉

  2. you are SO cute! I think we need a video of you opening your very special FedEx pkg!!!

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