Four month high.

We rafted up last night with Lori, Dave & Jake on Camelot, and Rory & Greg on Sapphire.  It was a fun night in the cove, as usual.   It’s a treasure, to me… time spent with friends, just sitting outside, on a boat, on a pleasant evening, playing music, dancing a little, and chatting and making one another laugh.

After the rain of the last month the lake is actually up about 7 feet.   The bulk of the deluges that hit Austin missed the basin that feeds the lake, so we are up only 7 feet instead of 20 or 30 feet.    At 625.5′, Lake Travis is back up to what it was 4 months ago.   My blog post on July 6th included a shot of the cove at the same level as it is today.  On that day, 625.5′ was a 50 year low, and dropping.   Today it’s a 4 month high.   I’ll take it, though.  Keep praying for rain.

This is a shot I took of Nirvana at anchor, as I was paddling around the cove this morning.


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