It’s a jungle out there.

The crime.
The culprit.










The heat is taking a toll on the animals.  I mean, they’re acting crazy.  The other day I woke up and walked to the patio door to take a look out as I was drinking my coffee, and a squirrel was about a foot from the door.  He looked directly at me, froze, and then flattened himself out on the pavement with all fours (and tail) spread out.  He kept staring at me and kind of making a hissing noise.  I opened the door to shoo him away and he just laid there.  Finally he ran up into the trees.  What was that about?   Note to self:  make sure rabies shot is current.

Well, the next day that same deranged squirrel (i assume) was standing on one of the catboats on my beautiful wind vane and was tearing up the sail!   I had to get a stick to push him off it.   Damn varmits.  Those sails were a pain to make.  For now I’ll have to store it in the garage til I have time to fix it – which might be around the end of 2015….

We also have had some more armadillo excitement.    I mentioned a couple days ago that we’re down one armadillo.  Well, last night monte saw another one digging in the front yard in the daylight.  They are supposed to be nocturnal.  I guess they are driven out during the day to look for water or food.

I’m seeing lots of facebook statuses that complain about the rain people are getting in their part of the country.   All I can say is:  You’ll miss it when it’s gone!

One thought on “It’s a jungle out there.”

  1. Sheila I am so far behind since the puter went to the BIG CITY for repair! Got it back Wednesday and then Izzy the Busy fell off our railing from the loft and spent the day at the Vet. I spent the day worrying. All’s good. I enjoyed this post beacuse I can truly relate. The grey squirrels have chewed our siding and our wood porch. Dug up 5 pots of purple petunias. Dang. Been in this country house six years next month and they have never done anything like that! The tattered sail is sad : (

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