For Pilar.

My friend, Pilar, called today with some editorial direction for sheila365 — more armadillo content (or aardvark, whichever). 🙂

Ok. I’m on it.

That’s the trap right now; next to the hole under the fence that used to be on the armadillo super highway. Unfortunately, we have not caught a dillo since last summer/fall.

We’ll keep trying. We may need to move the trap, because we are seeing evidence of armadillo activity in the yard.

I can, however, report that there are 3 or 4 cats that feel entitled to frequent and freely roam our lot every day, which would be ok if they were not STALKING MY BIRDS, which is infuriating.

Got him!

This post isn’t really photoblog-worthy, except that it is a follow-up to a post from last week.  Monte had built a trap to catch the armadillos who were turning our waybackyard into a lunar landscape.    Well, we caught one!    He’s a Nine-banded armadillo.  They live to be 12-15 years old!

 I was very excited to see, from a distance, that the trap had triggered.  And after sneaking a peek, I was happy to find a dillo inside and not a skunk!  We released him in a wooded area far enough away (I hope) to keep him from returning.

We’ve reset the trap out back, in case there are others in his crew.

Us 1.  Them 0.

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