April 7 – The Baths.

Monday, April 7.

This morning we are headed to Virgin Gorda to see the Baths – always an awesome sight no many how many times you’ve been before.   The winds and waves were strong, but not too strong.   We made it to the Baths with one tack.

Heading to Virgin Gorda
Heading to Virgin Gorda

When we arrived, the mooring field was already full, so we had to wait a bit for a ball to free up.   One finally did, and when we tried to get the ball, we approached it from windward – a mistake in our haste to get the ball.  We drifted too quickly after hooking the ball with the pole, so that we had to drop it and the pole in the water.   I jumped in to retrieve the pole and we were able to hook it the second time, before the other circling boats did.   Never a dull moment.

Approaching the Baths.

There was a yellow flag warning at the Baths, so the swim from the dinghy dock to the baths was a challenging one.  Some of the sights from this trip to the Baths:

Looking out at the mooring field from the Baths.
A view from inside the Baths.
A tide pool inside the Baths.
A tide pool inside the Baths.

We all enjoyed a cheeseburger in Paradise at Poorman’s Bar at the foot of the hill.  For extra points, we all had to execute a dinghy flop one more time for the ride back to the boat.  No pics of that, though.   🙂

After the Baths, we headed for Trellis Bay on Tortola to spend the night.   We hit the Loose Mongoose for happy hour ashore (and a quick update on the Final Four and Championship game).

Sunset over Tortola - from Trellis Bay.
Sunset over Tortola – from Trellis Bay.

Then headed back to the boat for our last dinner aboard, and we played Rummikub until we couldn’t keep our eyes open.  Noone made it ashore to watch the NCAA Championship game.

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