Paddlin’ round.

It got a little chilly on the boat overnight. I fired up the oven this morning to bake scones and that warmed things up.
I got in the water today with Colleen. Brrrrr! The water temp was 73. That may very well be a record for me – latest dip in the lake: October 26!

Colleen took the kayak for a spin. Then we sailed for a bit. A nice day!


Jun 14, 2010

Trail's end

After work today I met Monte at the marina to help schlep the remnants of a 4-day weekend back home.

Joe was awesome to tow Porter Belle and the kayak up and down the lake for us.  It sure saved time for the catboat to not have to drag those behind us.

This is a shot of our awesome trailer and the 2 littlest members of our fleet, after returning home tonight.  The boat on the bottom is a wooden sailing dinghy, called a shellback-dinghy.   We built it as our practice boat before building the catboat.

Here’s to a quick week and fair weather for the weekend.

May 30, 2010

Red-winged blackbird

This morning I took the kayak to check out the cove.   I also brought a fishing pole with me, but there weren’t any fish interested in playing along.

In the coves on either side of Arkansas Bend we always find red-winged blackbirds.   They have a signature trill, and you usually hear them long before you see them.

While I was kayaking, there were several flying back and forth between shrubs on either side of the cove.  Every time I would slide up close to one to take a picture, he’d fly across the cove.   So, I’d quietly paddle across to try again — and the same thing would happen.   After about an hour of this, I packed it in and headed back to the boats for a swim.

Afterward, I was very pleased to see that I did get a couple of pictures of the birds after all, though all a tad grainy due to the zoom.    This picture was the best of them.   I caught a shot of this guy in the middle of our little game of keep-away-from-sheila,  as he was flying away from the shrub.

Not fast enough blackbird!

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