I ♥ this knot.

Celtic heart knotwork.

I ran across a DIY post online showing how to tie a Celtic heart knot.  So, I tried it and made this little chachki.  It needs some work to emphasize the heart shape, but I like it!

If you want to see how to make one, this YouTube video shows you how and is easy to follow.

Jun 19, 2010


This morning we worked slavishly in the yard – mowing, edging, weedeating, trimming shrubs and low hanging branches.  Whew, it was hot!   I was tuckered out by about 1pm.   So, what to do?  Go to the lake!

We loaded up our motor (again) for service.   Then we put up the shade on the catboat,  and we just sailed the slip for the rest of the afternoon.

We played with some of the usual suspects – Marty, Sue, Joe, Sonya and friend, Robert, Nick, Isabelle, Laureen, Morgan and Dimitri.

Late afternoon I noticed a skywriting plane had left some streaks in the sky.   We had to step out from under the shade on the boat to see it, but someone had put a big heart up for all to see.  How sweet!

I ♥ sailing