Girls night IN.

Just because we’re not 10 years old anymore doesn’t mean we can’t have slumber parties!

Last night I joined several friends for an evening of wine, games, talking and laughing.  We wrapped it up with a good old sleepover.   We missed some of our BFFs who couldn’t make it, but had a very fun time.

One of the games we played was Apples-to-Apples, the G-rated and tame precursor to the naughty game Cards Against Humanity Fun.  It’s a great staple game to have in the hall closet, always good for a laugh no matter the age of the players.  At the end of the game, for another laugh, you can read the adjective cards you’ve won to see if they describe you or not.  Seven out of eight aint bad….   🙂




A beaker of wine.

Last night we stopped at a new place, for me, Parkside, right on 6th street.  They have a nice happy hour Monday-Friday from 5-6:30pm, which we missed by 2 minutes.   😦

But we didn’t let that stop us.  Their appies and burger were great.   Check them out.



It’s been busy here for the last month or so.  We had several nieces under our roof and at the lake with us this past week, which was a joy for me.  Good visits, good fun and lots of laughs were had.   But they are now back in their respective places living their exciting young lives.  As for me, I’m committed to relaxing for the rest of this week.   Last night I joined some friends for girls’ night out at Alcomar in south Austin.   I enjoyed it. 

 PROs:  Tasty tapa-ish seafood dishes.  Happy hour from 3-6pm every day.  And their own parking lot on S 1st! 

CONs: wine not included in happy hour.  

Subterranean Jazz. 

I met some girlfriends downtown last night to listen to a band at The Elephant Room –  Kris Kimura’s Wasabi Grande Big, big band.  Now, that’s a big band!

Low-light shot of the back of the room. 

Out on the town.

Last night we celebrated Laura’s birthday by going on a wine bar crawl downtown.  We had picked out 6 or so places ahead of time to stop in at for appies and drinks during the night.  We made it to 5 of them!  In crawl-order:  Prelog’s, Irene’s, True Food Kitchen, La Condesa & The Secret Bar at the W Hotel.  A good time was had by all.

I especially liked this overhead light fixture at La Condesa:


Seen on a building along one leg of the crawl…. i agree 🙂IMG_0559 (1)

Tapas, wine and catching up.

I know this is supposed to be a photoblog, but I didn’t get a photo tonight (gasp!).  Forgive me. 🙂

I met some girlfriends downtown tonight at Malaga, a tapas and wine bar.  I have gone several times when they used to be on 4th street.  But never in their new location on 2nd street.   Ok, maybe it’s not so new, i guess they moved a few years ago…. it’s been a while for me.

The tapas were delightful.  The wine was good — a Tempranillo.  And the company was great: Ann, Ireni, Laura & Lori.   We should do this more often.

Since I didn’t snap a photo tonight, I’ll leave you with an audio tidbit instead.  The speech about “sunscreen” came up in our discussion tonight.  Variously attributed to Kurt Vonnegut, but really written by Chicago tribune newspaper columnist Mary Schmich.  What sticks in my mind is this version set to music that hit the top 40 in 2000 or so, produced by Baz Luhrmann.  Lots of wisdom therein – check it out.

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