The hunter.

I have some photos from our weekend in Port A that I may sort out and post.  Here’s a shot from one of the pre-dawn firmament beach photo sessions.  The constellation Orion.


and a cheat sheet:

Orion the hunter.

Orion over Lake Travis before dawn.

We were treated to a JerrySpringer-esque shouting match / near brawl from one of the parties camping at the park on land overnight.  After finally getting to sleep, I woke up at about 5 AM.  The full moon was shining brightly, but I had a great view of the stars from the deck of the boat.

Orion is up in the sky this month well before sunrise.  It is a very well known constellation, and easy to pick out in the sky.    This is a shot I took of it from the boat.   I know it’s dark, but you can make out the 3 stars that make up Orion’s Belt, and most of the other stars.   Clockwise from the top are:  Bellatrix, Rigel, Saiph, and the yellow-ish colored Betelgeuse.

I hope you had a great Labor Day!  We sure did.