The battle and the reward.  

We spent about 6 hours in the yard today cleaning gutters, roofs, porches, and mulching about a half an acre of leaves for this year’s compost pile.   Hard fought. 

My anti-cedar pollen gear worked really well, thankfully.  

In the end, we were both plum-tuckered out and succumbed to an easy dinner at Chuy’s.  


The yard looks great!

Blue-hair special.

As 5:30 rolled around tonight I got this text from Monte on my phone: “Blue hair special?” That’s what we call the hurry-up-to-beat-the-happy-hour-rush dinner run to our nearby Chuy’s. If we time it right we can be in and out of there in no time flat.

Yes, sir! I logged off and got semi-presentable in a jif. And we were off. Ah, yes, dinner and a marg, and home by 6:30. Yum!

A mAARRRRRRgarita (and the blue-hair special).

It’s what’s for dinner.

Today is Talk-like-a-pirate Day!  So in honor of the occasion, we went to dinner tonight at… Chuy’s!  🙂

We actually went at (ahem) 4PM, because we were both kind of hungry, my previous call had just ended and I had a break before my evening conference calls with colleagues in AP started at 6PM tonight.   So, this was the only time we could dash out.  Back in the day, when we lived in Florida, we used to make jokes about all the old folks grabbing an early dinner (you know…getting the “blue-hair special”).  Well.   Now we are them.

Anyway, I did order a mango mAARRRg to celebrate in pirate fashion.   And a yummy #8 plate to go with it.

I also snapped a photo of their new lighting.  I like the colored glass.

Cool new lights.


Grace on the back of a sanitary silverware wrapper.

We buzzed over to Chuy’s for dinner tonight.  Since we live so close, we eat there often.  We have mastered the art of timing our arrival before the after-work happy hour and dinner rush.   🙂

Chuy’s uses those old timey wax paper sanitary wrappers for their silverware.  On the back they’ve printed multi-denomenational prayers of grace.   It seems so out of place in our world today.  But it’s a reminder for us to give thanks for what we have, and for what we are about to eat.

It also caused me to reflect on the dinner times from my childhood.   In my family, we sat down for dinner together every night.   No TV, no radio.  No books or newspapers at the table.  We said grace out loud, together.  We had to have a little bit of everything on our plate.  We had to clean our plate before we were finished (or we’d sit there as long as it took until we did finish), and we had to ask “may I be excused?” before we were allowed to get up, clear our place and leave the table.

Was that really that long ago?

May we all be a little more thankful for our many blessings.