A mAARRRRRRgarita (and the blue-hair special).

It’s what’s for dinner.

Today is Talk-like-a-pirate Day!  So in honor of the occasion, we went to dinner tonight at… Chuy’s!  🙂

We actually went at (ahem) 4PM, because we were both kind of hungry, my previous call had just ended and I had a break before my evening conference calls with colleagues in AP started at 6PM tonight.   So, this was the only time we could dash out.  Back in the day, when we lived in Florida, we used to make jokes about all the old folks grabbing an early dinner (you know…getting the “blue-hair special”).  Well.   Now we are them.

Anyway, I did order a mango mAARRRg to celebrate in pirate fashion.   And a yummy #8 plate to go with it.

I also snapped a photo of their new lighting.  I like the colored glass.

Cool new lights.

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