Hiking Bull Creek.

Last weekend, I went for a 3-hour group hike with one of the biologists that does research for the City-of-Austin-managed Balcones Canyonlands Preserve.  It was really interesting.   We hiked a short loop along the preserve at Bull Creek.  Along the way, I learned much about the native Ashe junipers throughout the hill country that I had previously come to detest, due to my annual cedar fever allergy symptoms.   But I came away with a new appreciation for the tree and the role it plays in the ecosystem of the Balcones Canyonlands.   I also learned about the other native grasses and shrubs that make up the understory of the woodland.  And about the endangered golden-cheeked warbler that will soon make its annual trek from Central America in early March to nest in the woodlands of the preserve until returning south in July.   I’m looking forward to more hikes out there.  Stay tuned.


Bull Creek  is flowing nicely since the drought has broken.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And, I caught a tiger swallowtail butterfly taking a break along the creek.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Very nice!

Bull Creek flowing.

I took another trip to St Edwards Park the other day to explore some of the trails I didn’t get to on my last visit.   It was the MLK holiday, and a beautiful January Austin day – and everyone else had the same idea.  The parking lot was PACKED.

It’s nice to see a bit of water in the creek.  It is supposed to rain again tomorrow, thankfully.

Looking upstream from a point along the red trail north of the park.
Standing in the middle of the creek bed on dry rocks – not a good place to be after a rain!
Winter creek-scape looking upstream, taken from the concrete wall/dam on the southside of the park.
A view of concrete wall/dam taken from the south bank.

I’ll be back.

Worth the view.

Trying not to waste the few remaining days I have before going back to work , I took advantage of a wonderful, sunny day to explore a park that I have not visited before. I checked out St. Edward’s park, on the Bull Creek greenbelt. What a great bunch of trails!

It was beautiful. I only made it throughout the brown trail, which I found pretty challenging. I’ll definitely be back to explore the trails north of the creek.
Here is a shot looking across the creek over the canyonlands.


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