Bikes and birds.

This is the weekend of the MS-150 bike ride from Houston to Austin. I served as sherpa again with Doray and drove Laura and her friend Patty to Houston on Friday night.

This morning we helped her get to the start and then we drove east, instead of west, so we could do some birding on the coast.

We had a great day, logging over 80 species, and turned in at the hotel late and a tad tired. Tomorrow is another day!

4 thoughts on “Bikes and birds.”

  1. We were out for a high-school MTB race at Rocky Hill Ranch and saw lots of MS-150 riders pass by on Sunday. I hope things went well. Our race was good.

  2. Thank you SHERPA SHEILA! And your great bike tie down techniques!!! (btw, new bungee cords in the house. 🙂 !

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