Christmas in May.

We headed out to the lake yesterday.  The rains have FINALLY been falling over the basin that flows into Lake Travis.  We have been watching the LCRA lake levels like kids in a candy store.  The lake is up to over 648′ today!  which is up about 25′ from where it has been stuck for the last few years.  We still want more – 30 more feet and brimming would be nice – but boy was it thrilling to see.  I actually felt my heart rejoice.  🙂

The band of grey, exposed limestone is thinner now.  Sometimes Islands are islands again!  I’m glad I spent one afternoon walking the length of the peninsula while it was exposed earlier this year.


Our marina has moved half of its dock back to shore.  All of the ramps for the letter docks are floating.  And one of our boat ramps is usuable again.  We went for a sail with Kurt and Kevin.  We saw alot of debris in the water.  And alot of these….. balls of red ants floating in the lake.   Beware folks, you do NOT want to swim into one of these!


We anchored in our cove and spent the afternoon marvelling over how great it was to finally have our lake back.   🙂

Oh, and…. i want one of these:


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