Today at about 6 AM central time, Spring arrived in Central Texas. But Winter didn’t sneak away quietly. Approximately 3 hours before that we were all woken up abruptly by the terrific racket of hail pelting the roof – the leading edge of one last Winter coldfront was passing over the house. Unfortunately, the cars were out in the driveway. By the time we were up and about it was too late to go out and move them. Luckily it was only about 1/4″ to 1/2″ and didn’t damage the cars. That was exciting.

In keeping with my life-view that everything happens for a reason… as Julie and I were groggily standing at the sliding glass door watching the hail fall on the back patio, she said, “Hey, isn’t that Monte’s laptop?” Sure enough, it was sitting on the table outside the door. I guess he left it there on his way in from the shop the night before. We were able to grab it and bring it inside before it got drenched by the rain that started to fall a few minutes later. Funny, eh?

Anyway, I should have snapped a shot of the hail, but I wasn’t quite awake enough at the time to think to do that. So, i’ll leave you with this picture of tonight’s selection. Cheers to Spring!


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