Blogoversary #3 (+11 days).

Ack!  I have not been paying attention, but on March 8th, I completed year 3 of’s photoblog!  The first year I faithfully posted a photo-a-day (March 8, 2010 – 2011).  The second and third years were not daily, but close to it.   And after all this time, I still look forward to posting.  But, I enjoy much more looking back on my own posts from time to time to remember the moments I captured.

I am amazed and happy to report that I have 180 followers (thank you!) and I have amassed nearly 15,000 visits, and 1100+ comments.  This aint the New York Times, but it is my very own soapbox to share an interesting thought or two.   I’m glad you are all here to share them with.

In keeping with past years, here is a collage of the moments I’ve shared from year 3 of…

Year 3 collage.
Year 3 collage.

4 thoughts on “Blogoversary #3 (+11 days).”

  1. I love your report, I remember when you first started you said there were so many beautiful sights each day to see, you wanted to create a bank of some kind to remember. Or something like that. Bravo!

  2. Dear Sheila,
    It is so important that you know how much your daily blog means to me. I seldom comment, yet I await and anticipate every new post. Thank you for sharing your daily thoughts and photos.

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