Scenes from out back.

Whew, what a long week!   After work I walked around our yard out back to see what I could see.   My plumbago is thriving with little to no water, as usual.


The hardest working retiree has been busy this week.   He spent an entire day cleaning the house (thanks sweetie!) and today he spent all day tilling and planting his garden out in the way back.   Tomatoes, basil, chives, parsley, dill… and zinnies!  Can’t wait.


Then I surveyed the trees out back.  One day there’s no leaves.  The next day they are covered in green.


At the base of this red oak I saw something I’ve never seen.  Neon green golf ball sized balls growing on the branches.  Very odd.  Google tells me they are a sign of oak apple gall.   Home to the apple gall wasp larvae till it hatches.  Learn something new every day!


Enjoy your weekend!

4 thoughts on “Scenes from out back.”

  1. Green is popping up everywhere. I noticed branches that were bare on Monday were covered in leaves on Friday. It’s amazing if you stop to notice. Which I usually don’t.

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