Joie de vivre.

Cap’n Noreen.

Even though the chill of Fall is in the air, we, of course, headed to the lake.  We raced in the beer can today.   We had a great turnout:  Wally & Joe on Zen, Kurt & Kevin on Dancer, Lori & Doray on Camelot, Dave and Wiz on MisGuided, and the 4 of us on Nirvana.  We got off the start line a minute and a half late (need to work on that).  Monte and I, the racing novices that we are, debated re: tactics as we sailed the course (need to work on that, too).   🙂   We didn’t win, place or show, but had fun.

Afterwards we anchored up in Arky South in our usual spot for the night.

My sister is visiting for a week.  She took her turn on the winches and at the wheel.  Another natural mariner 🙂  Julie joined us, too.

I enjoy it very much when family comes to visit, and when we hit the road to visit family as well.  We both come from big families but don’t live close to them.  My thoughts are especially on the importance of spending time with family, as I learned that my cousin died unexpectedly and tragically from a pulmonary embolism this week – a complication from relatively routine back surgery a few days before.   So sad.  So sobering.   He had just turned 48 a few weeks back, in the prime of his life, raised a wonderful family, and was an active and accomplished Air Force colonel, getting ready to chart the next phase of his life’s course.   I had a chance to visit with him in Seattle last summer.   So glad I did.

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