Roughin’ it.

Spaghetti di Arky.

Yesterday we set out for the lake to raft up with Lori & Dave on Camelot.  We put our repaired jib back on.  And Julie met us at the slip.  We were the only two boats on the lake, i think, given the continued forecast of rain.

We anchored up in Arky south last night, expecting some good downpours after midnight.  Lori and Dave hosted us to a delicious spaghetti feast on their boat.   Thanks guys!

We played iPod wars for a bit and turned in relatively early.   The rain really didn’t start until about 8 AM.  And it still hasn’t quit.   No complaints here though.  The lake is up a total of about 11 inches since Wednesday.  Keep it comin!

We played rummy in the cabin for several hours and then headed back to the slip.

Now we’re back home and pizza dough is being whipped up as I type this.

Enjoy what’s left of the weekend!

2 thoughts on “Roughin’ it.”

    1. Hi Teri. I miss you guys, too. Today was a rare, rainy day on the lake. Not storming and thundering, just a slow, steady drizzle all day long. I would love to hear more about your new gig, I know you guys are awesome with the kids. Take care!

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