Bienvenido a la primavera!

A spring vignette - black & white.

First day of spring!   It rained buckets overnight.  The front passed through here about 1:30AM this morning.  It dumped a ton of rain in the Hill Country, so the lakes are on the rise!  As of right now, Lake Travis has risen 4′ since this time yesterday (@ 636.7′), and is expected to rise another couple of feet, as they have the flood gates open on Lake LBJ and Lake Marble Falls, to let their overflow pass through.

After work tonight I took a walk out back to see what I could see.  One of the birdbaths caught my eye.  The water was so calm, like glass.   There were leaves in the bottom of it, but I didn’t want to disturb the surface of the water, so I just took it as is.  I like how the cedar elm tree above it is reflected in the surface.

The shot above is after I changed it to black & white.  The original is below.   I like the B&W better.   It seems to show much more detail of the reflection.   How about you?

A spring vignette - original.

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