New growth.

Crepe Myrtle buds.

I have several large pots filled with dirt in various spots in the back yard.  They are leftovers from plants that have either died or been replanted, and I haven’t gotten around to planting something new in them yet.  Two years ago (or maybe 3?) I noticed a shoot growing in one of these pots.  Another volunteer.  I let it go for a while and realized it was a crepe myrtle.  The first year it grew a bit and leafed out.  The second year, it had a few more shoots and it even had a few flowers.  This year I want to start to shape it into a taller tree, rather than a bushy shrub.  So, a couple of weeks ago, I pruned it back to two bare, woody stalks about 3 feet high.

In the shot above, you can see some of the big buds that have popped out along the main branches.   Glad to see that I didn’t kill it.  🙂

2 thoughts on “New growth.”

    1. Hi karen. I know some people like to let crepe myrtles grow un-pruned, some people like to shape them. I’d like to re-plant this one in a specific spot in the yard, so I’m going for tall and lanky 🙂 Thanks for stopping by to comment.

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