Did someone say, “mimosa?”

Mimosa bloom.

Our mimosa tree out back is blooming.  It’s had a hard couple of years with freezes and droughts.  At one point we thought it was a goner.  It appeared to have a split in its trunk.  But, there’s still life in it.  The canopy is not covered with blooms this year, just a couple dozen.  I tried to capture one of the newer ones, here.

Jul 6, 2010

Mimosas anyone?

We have a mimosa tree out back by the shop.  It casts a lot of shade, and the leaves are quite pretty, really.  This is a shot looking up from underneath the canopy.  We thought it was dead after a long, dry summer last year followed by a cold winter.  The bark had several splits from some hard freezes.   But this spring it sprouted to life with its silky pink flowers, and I’m glad that we get to enjoy it for one more year.

My mind is on a young great-niece who has been fighting a battle for her life for two and a half years now.    I’m reminded that life is fragile.   We don’t get to choose where we’re planted or how long we stay.    Here’s to enjoying another day!

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