Up, up and away.

As if I don’t have enough stuff in the backyard already, I went out today in search of a few more things. Planter, check. Bird bath, check. New whirligig thingie, check. 🙂

Night lights.

We raced the beer can today.  Correction – not really raced.  Mostly crept along at 2-4 knots.  The wind was supposed to be out of the north 10-15 today, but it sure was not.

That’s ok though, we had a nice visit with Joe, who joined us on Nirvana.   Robert and Tony (owns a 323 Beneteau on A-dock) won on Voodoo.  Ken and Jay came in second on Spike.  Kurt, Wally & Kevin came in 3rd.  We came in 4th.  Followed by the Wiz on Allegro.

It was nice out, really.  A little chilly, but at one point I was in a t-shirt, working the lines.

Afterwards, we sat on Voodoo and chatted til after sunset.  After climbing the hill back up to the parking lot we noticed the hot air balloons over at Lakeway City Park’s Great Goblin Glow Halloween festival.  We’ve seen them from the marina the last few years.   I can never get a good shot of them, though.

Oh well, pretty in person.

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