I’m so excited!  I have several custom searches saved in my profile on craigslist that I check every few days to see if THAT-ONE-THING ever comes up for sale at a crazy good price.   Today something popped up in my gardening & outdoors search that I just couldn’t pass up.  I was all over it within minutes of its posting and swooped in for the sale.  I picked up all of these ceramic pots & pavers for a song (plus a couple big sago palms and succulents as a bonus).  And it ALL fit in the back of my SUV.

I’m one happy girl with dirty fingernails.  🙂



Jun 17, 2010

Peace out

This week is flying by…I can’t believe tomorrow is Friday.

I have 2 potted Peace Lily plants.   Both came from the same original plant, which I’ve had for over 14 years (wow!).   When I first moved to Austin, my mom sent me a plant basket as a house-warming (or at the time, apartment-warming) gift.   In it were 3 small plants — a peace lily, an ivy and a fern.  The last 2 are long gone, but this guy has stuck with me.

With the great light in the game room and foyer in this house, they’re thriving.  I love the blooms.

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