Nectar macro.

A macro view of the nectar oozing out of some lilies that I brought home the other day.   If I was a bee I’d be pretty excited about it.  🙂


Sooo, in the process of googling what that part of the lily is, I found waaaay too much information.   But I’ll summarize by saying that I believe the central prong-like thing sticking out is the pistil, and the end of it is its lady-part, called the stigma, and the nectar it is oozing is there to catch bits of pollen from the worker bees as they fly in and out.   There you go – botany lesson of the day.

Pretty in purple.

Purple lilies.

Monte brought some lilies home yesterday.  When he put them in the vase they were just buds – they were all closed.  Overnight they all popped open, and now these pretty flowers brighten up the dining room.

Nature’s palette or grayscale?

Nature's palette.

Yesterday I went over to Laura’s for lunch around the pool with Lori and Ann.  As usual,  she had a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the counter.  I love the colors of these lilies.  The shot above is the original.  Below is the same shot in black & white, after messing a bit with the color levels and brightness/contrast in Gimp.  I was trying to create something for this week’s Technique challenge over at the Photoblog Challenges website (check it out, you’ll find lots of weekly and monthly challenges – fun for photographers of all skill levels out here in the blogosphere).

Grayscale palette.

Probably too dark.   I was hoping the stamen would still be crisp.  Waddyathink?

Jun 17, 2010

Peace out

This week is flying by…I can’t believe tomorrow is Friday.

I have 2 potted Peace Lily plants.   Both came from the same original plant, which I’ve had for over 14 years (wow!).   When I first moved to Austin, my mom sent me a plant basket as a house-warming (or at the time, apartment-warming) gift.   In it were 3 small plants — a peace lily, an ivy and a fern.  The last 2 are long gone, but this guy has stuck with me.

With the great light in the game room and foyer in this house, they’re thriving.  I love the blooms.