Dam it.

Lake Travis is still rising, slowly.  We took another drive out to the lake, to join the other lookie-loos.  We got a glimpse of the backside of Mansfield Dam from the park off highway 620.  The lake level in the picture below is 702.6′ above mean sea level, inching closer to the dam’s spillway.


Four flood gates were open, releasing floodwaters into Lake Austin below.


And, as always….



Marina fare.

Back at the marina, today, we saw Pam & Mark and visited with them for a little while, then packed up and schlepped our stuff back up to the car.  We popped into Shades for lunch.  They are finally open for the season, and this was our first time in this year.

Ok, back home now and getting ready for Monday.  *sigh*

But what a fun weekend!

It’s hard to believe the lake was once at about 701′ (about 62′ higher than it is now!).  But just to jog memories… here’s a pic from the July 6th flood of 2007… the old Aunt Tilly’s sitting in the same spot as Shades.

Yacht Harbor Marina - July 2007. Lake level @ 701.

Now you know why the new restaurant has its kitchen, bathroom and office in trailers that can be driven away before the next deluge.

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